Over the years IMES has evolved the application of its expertise to collaborate with clients and develop together innovative solutions to highly technical industry challenges, which have spanned a number of industry sectors with varying technical challenges.

This has included the development of bespoke monitoring and load measurement systems to the marine, steel, nuclear, oil and gas and aerospace industries – our bespoke products work in the harshest of environments to the highest accuracy possible ensuring clients have the level of reliability and accuracy required.

IMES has also delivered independent engineering consultancy for a range of clients acting as the “customer friend” – ensuring clients receive the highest quality crane and lifting systems by assisting with the entire specification, design, engineering, procurement and commissioning process.

IMES has engineered bespoke solutions for clients providing them with faster diagnosis of integrity issues including subsea electrical fault isolation through SETS (Subsea Electrical Test System), integrity assurance with risers into FPSOs through the RICS (Riser Inspection Camera System) and marine vessel tailshaft integrity assurance through the “Ferret”.

Today IMES operates from a range of locations within the UK and internationally, offering a collective engineering expertise that enables our clients to manage the life cycle costs, performance and safety of their cranes, lifting equipment and load bearing structures.