Marine Tail Shaft Inspection Tool - 'The Ferret'

The Marine Tail shaft Inspection Tool, fondly known as ‘The Ferret’ is a bespoke tool designed and built by IMES engineers to produce baseline ultrasonic scans for damage analysis of a vessels tail shaft. The tail shafts can be inspected in situ during dry docking periods; this is fast becoming a recognised and standard procedure for this type of ultrasonic inspection, significantly reducing time and cost to the client by eliminating the need to remove the tail shaft from the vessel therefore ensuring a faster turnaround during a yard maintenance period.

Key features;

-          Ability to access through small and confined aperture

-          Precise NDT scanning from inside the tail shaft

-          Tail shaft remains within the vessel

The attached link provides a Youtube video showing the current tool with explanations of the features and benefits.


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Marine Tail Shaft Inspection Tool