Riser Inhaul Camera System

Part of the IMES suite of subsea inspection, testing and visualisation tools, the EX rated Riser Inhaul Camera System (RICS) is designed specifically to support a riser installation to ensure connection or removal campaign as well as investigate damage and corrosion to the lower and upper I-Tubes and the void between. 

Designed for deployment within an adjacent riser tube or a purpose built camera tube, RICS provides a stailised and fully adjustable lighting and camera platform incorporating real time live multi channel video feed of the entire riser inhaul or release process. The high definition cameras and LED lights are controlled from a surface control unit allowing the cameras a full range of movement and adjustable lighting levels to account for the prevailing conditions. When combined with the RIM (Riser Inhaul Monitoring), a sensor based monitoring package, complex and critical campaigns can be handled confidently and safely.

Key features;

-          Removes the requirement for ROV or divers in the inhaul/release operation

-          Allows for visual confirmation of pull head release from the bends stiffener

-          Lower camera observes, in real time, the safe angle of approach and release of the riser as winch wires and rigging passage through lower I Tube bell mouth

The following link provides a Youtube video showing the current tool with explanations of the features and benefits.



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Riser Inhaul Camera System