Running Line Tension Meters

IMES range of Running Line Tension Meters (RLTM) has been designed to be rugged, accurate and compact.  Primarily for use in winch control and other wire line tension monitoring applications such as cranes and lifts, IMES RLTM are Simple to install on both new and retrofit applications and come pre-calibrated for tension, speed and payout. Complemented by a range of wireless telemetry, displays, enclosures and software IMES can supply the complete turnkey package for monitoring mooring systems on temporary and fixed mooring of rigs and barges.

Key features;

-       High Specification

-       1 tonne to 650Tonne

-       Hazardous Area, ATEX

-       Wireless communications option

-       Single and multi Winch systems

-       Repeat Wheelhouse display software


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Running Line Tension Meters