Telemetry Tension Measurement

Imes range of lifting load measurement equipment include the LE load link and the SL load Shackle. Designed for at hook use as part of lifting rigging equipment and in line tension measurement applications Imes equipment is of an ultra rugged design with shock proof and waterproof internals and protected flexible antenna. Designed for repeated use in tough environments, offshore and subsea the LE load link is manufactured from high grade aircraft aluminium combining extreme strength with light weight designed to fit. The SL load shackle uses a conventional shackle from VB Green pin or Crosby installed with an Imes load cell and telemetry electronics to provide and accurate, rugged and reliable load measuring device

Key features;

-       Use with standard rigging equipment

-       Huge range from 1 tonne to 1500 tonne

-       Extremely rugged for use in harsh environments and applications

-       Submersible and subsea variants

-       Single point to point or networked sensors

-       Capable of integration into Imes C of G and Heavylift system


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Telemetry Tension Measurement