Wire Rope Electromagnetic NDT Inspection

Wire rope integrity is critical to the safe use of cranes and other lifting equipment.  Over time, the wire rope is subjected to pressure and abrasion leading to external and internal corrosion, nicking and broken wires.  This affects the safety and strength of the rope, ultimately leading to failure of the equipment.   

How do you ensure the integrity of your rotation-resistant, non-rotating multi-strand and IWRC crane ropes?

IMES is a UK distributor and service provider using Wire Rope NDT Electromagnetic Inspection product.

Failure of these ropes is frequently “unexpected” with no external indications of internal rope deterioration.  As part of our inspection services, IMES provide integrity assurance and check for defects.  IMES wire rope inspection and examination capability extends to provide visual, electromagnetic NDE inspection and pressure lubrication.

The procedure provides invaluable information on the current condition of the ropes; which can be used to allow informed planned maintenance actions to improve the reliability and safety of your cranes and lifting equipment.

Key features;

  • A dependable and consistent relationship between the condition of wire rope and NDE results.
  • Virtually noise free high-fidelity signals that allow the accurate measurement of a rope’s loss of metallic cross-section caused, for example, by corrosion and wear
  • Reliable detection and quantitative characterization (measurement) of rope deterioration such as interstrand nicking, internal clusters of broken wires, internal corrosion including corrosion pitting.
  • Rope retirement standards that are geared to wire rope NDE can be developed and specified. Discard criteria are based on quantitative defect characterization,
  • Test data interpretation that is readily understood, and can be rationally explained and communicated.

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