Load Testing

Following a thorough investigation by IMES Ltd Inspection Engineers on behalf of the Maritime Equipment Systems Team, based in Abbey Wood, an invitation to tender for the design, manufacture, installation and verification of an upgrade to the vessels lifting structure was awarded to IMES Ltd.

The IMES re-design of the vessel's lifting struts was subject to both design review and prototype proving prior to full production award covering 16 craft.

The Test Rig (pictured) was also designed by IMES engineers to enable a satisfactory proof load overload test to be applied to the new structure. Together with Ultrasonic NDE time of flight defraction (tofd) of the high stress welds, IMES were able to validate the integrity of the upgrade for continuous in service use.

In partnership with sub-contractor Mechanical Services (Wessex), who undertook the manufacture and installation, LCVP's were returned to service on schedule and to budget.

Load Testing