Marine Tail shaft Inspection System (MTIS)

MTISTM, affectionately nicknamed ‘ The Ferret’ was developed by IMES specialist engineering team using many years of expertise in inspection services and automated test vehicles for remote, confined, subsea, irradiated and other in-accessible or un-manned locations.

The time consuming, expensive and risky process of tail shaft removal for inspection has been removed by the MTISTM system allowing these complex and critical testing campaigns to be handled successfully and safely in-situ for all marine vessels.

With MTISTM the Tail shaft is not removed for testing. TOFD and PE ultrasonic scans are performed on both inner and outer surfaces of the tail shaft via the internally deployed, remotely operated test tool. Cracks, pits, inclusions and other flaws can be visualised and recorded to a very high resolution. The data is used as part of the Asset Integrity Management (AIM) strategy to reliably and informatively predict through life maintenance, repairs and replacement of the tail shaft.

The MTISTM system positions and stabilises itself in the shaft allowing automatic longitudinal, lateral and rotational scans of the inner and outer surface to an extreme resolution. Live positional and remote camera data is available allowing decisions to be made real time. The live scan data allows further tests or repeat area coverage testing to be performed to confirm or zoom in on areas of interest or concern. The data is securely logged for later retrieval and analysis.

MTIS TM is a self contained inspection system specialist cases and packaging allow for simple transportation and rapid deployment by IMES engineers.

Marine Tail shaft Inspection System