Offshore Platform Load Testing

IMES delivers crane, lifting equipment and accessory inspection services on a range of offshore platforms and vessels across the world.

The comprehensive surveys carried out by IMES pinpoint gaps within the due diligence of clients and clear action plans to rectify these issues can be created.

One such gap was observed on a North Sea installation. An overhead gantry crane system had recently been installed. The manufacturer had installed, load tested and commissioned two gantry cranes across a pair of runway beams.

During the survey it was noted that whilst the cranes had been tested individually there was no record of the cranes having been tested in tandem and also no test report for the supporting structure.

A load testing plan was generated and testing of the gantry cranes in tandem was carried out. Both runway beams also had proof loads applied across the relevant sections. Deflection readings and post test examination demonstrated the they cranes in tandem and the beams were all fit for purpose.

Fit for purpose and fully certified the cranes are now in daily use.

Offshore Platform Load Testing