Wire Rope NDT

IMES were contracted to undertake wire rope NDT (Non destructive testing) for a prestigious Scottish Ski resort. The purpose of this work was to assess the condition of a number of wire ropes that are utilised by the resort on several key ski lifts.

The resort undertakes a rigorous examination program prior to the winter ski season commencing and wire rope integrity inspection is a key part of this. Wire rope NDT and visual inspections are carried out to ensure the safety and serviceability of the ski lift and hoisting equipment.

Utilising NDT technologies cutting edge equipment IMES technicians inspected and reported on the condition of 4 wire ropes with the largest one being over 4800 metres in length.

Three of the ropes were very accessible and close to the resorts main facilities. However, the 4th required the team to place all the equipment into rucksacks, utilise 2 of the resorts ski tows to reach the top of a mountain followed by a steep decent enabling them to reach the ski lift located on the far side mountain range.

The results of the wire rope NDT inspections showed anomalies present within the wire that were deemed within the rejection criteria detailed in BSI ISO 4309-2010 and were subsequently passed as fit for use

Wire rope NDT is a process whereby the rope is inspected utilising electromagnetic saturation and flux leakage to highlight the following

-          Reliably detect Localized Flaws (LF’s) Typically caused by external and internal broken wires and internal corrosion/wear

-          Accurately measure Loss of Metallic Cross-Sectional Area (LMA) due to external and internal corrosion and wear

This process, when used in conjunction with traditional visual inspection, ensures that any wire rope integrity issues that may affect the safe operation of equipment are detected and reported prior to any potential incidents.

IMES has a vast amount of experience in a variety of NDT methods including electromagnetic, eddy current, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, and ultrasonic testing.

Wire Rope NDT