Load Monitoring and Measuring Systems

Our focus is on giving clients complete confidence through expert and specialist products and engineering teams, working with you to ensure complete operational safety of your cranes, lifting gear and other specialised structures. 

IMES has significant experience, competence and delivery in the supply and service of load measurement, monitoring and control systems in the UK and globally.  IMES has a built a strong worldwide reputation in the design and manufacture of precision weighing systems for harsh environments.  For more information on our key products below please visit our products page;

Combining client problems, with collaborative partnerships and innovation, IMES specialist engineering development team has designed, built and supplied innovative measurement, monitoring and control systems.  This has included the development of bespoke monitoring and load measurement systems to the marine, steel, nuclear, oil and gas and aerospace industries – our bespoke products work in the harshest of environments to the highest accuracy possible ensuring clients have the level of reliability and accuracy required.

The key aspect to load monitoring and measuring systems is that they allow the client to visibly record the load and monitor and measure the strain or stress of the structure when a load is applied, allowing continuous management throughout the assets life cycle, proactively addressing availability and ageing issues.

Our load monitoring and measuring systems are designed and built to industry standards and compliant with ATEX. 

Please contact us to discuss your load monitoring and measurement requirements further.