Wire Rope Inspection and Management

Our focus is on giving clients complete confidence through an expert and specialist inspection and engineering team, in addition to our lifting and inspection services we will work with you to address your wire rope integrity assurance needs, ensuring compliance with LOLER regulations and complete operational safety of cranes, and other wire rope bearing structures. 

With our highly experienced team and partners, we are able to offer the following services;

  • Visual inspection
  • Electromagnetic wire rope NDT inspection
  • Wire rope socketing
  • Load test / destruct test of wire ropes – up to 800 tonne capacity
  • Wire rope / umbilical spooling
  • Wire rope / umbilical pressure lubrication (Viper)

IMES delivers independent inspection and examination services providing integrity assurance assessments for internal and external defects of wire ropes; we have a strong team of specialist and competent technicians to carry out full wire rope integrity assurance checks.  These include visual and electromagnetic wire rope NDT inspection on site using our state of the art wire rope NDT equipment.

IMES’ wire rope NDT instrumentation has the unique capability to reliably detect and quantitatively characterise (measure) these types of internal and external rope degradation, assisting you in minimizing your cost for replacement wire and costly downtime during the change out.  IMES has the capability to inspect wires up to 83mm diameter, for larger ropes please contact us.

The procedure provides invaluable information on the current condition of the ropes; which can be used to allow informed planned maintenance actions to improve the reliability and safety of your cranes and lifting equipment.

We deliver onsite wire rope cutbacks and spooling, and on our premises throughout the UK we provide wire rope socketing and destruction tests up to 800 tonnes.

IMES also provide pressure lubrication of wire rope, using the VIPER system, providing superior protection to your wire ropes.  The benefits over conventional drip and brush or spray systems are substantial. The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator operates at a higher pressure than most other lubricator collars on the market, ensuring deeper infiltration, this combined with the robust construction guarantees fast, safe and effective wire rope lubrication.

Our excellent safety track record, combined with our industry leading UKAS certification, and our team of specialist LEEA qualified technicians, means we are able to independently carry out expert inspection and examinations of your wire ropes ensuring that your equipment is fully compliant with safety and industry legislation and to minimise any commercial productivity risks.

Please contact us to maximise your safety and assist develop your wire rope change out policy.

IMES is a UK distributor of NDT Technologies electromagnetic inspection products and the Viper pressure lubrication system.